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Youth Development

Help children and youth realise their roles and responsibilities as they contribute positively to society.

Gandhi ji held the conviction that we can become anything we want to be. It all depends upon the strength of our determination. Gandhi’s idea of orderly development of society, non-violence, his warning to the humanity against growing consumerism. In realizing this grand idea of Gandhi, the empowered, awakened and socially conscious youth has a big role to play

Prayatna, with its Youth Development Programmes, is working towards promoting the Gandhian values by encouraging the youth to realize their roles and responsibilities towards the nation and guides them to realize their potential in order to contribute positively to society.

Over several years Youth Leadership Training were organized to spread the concept of unity in diversity. This year, it was organized in Ghaziabad (UP), Deoghar (Jharkhand) and Muzaffarpur (Bihar). Youth participated in the activities such as sports and physical activities and also, took oath to maintain national integrity. Youth were also inspired to assess problems and challenges in their own communities and work towards addressing the same. Due to this, many of them have now become youth leaders in their respective communities and are combating many social challenges which are being faced by their community.

We have been working for youth Development since 2003 and have reached out to over than 10,000 youths till date. We have conducted various youth development workshops with support of India Peace Centre, Nagpur, Rama Krishna Mission, Seva Ashram, and Nehru Yuva Kendra.