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Facilitate skill development and promote enterprise for improved livelihood opportunities.

Prayatna’s livelihood development activities are focussed on people belonging to marginalisedcommunities, with the objective of providing them with knowledge, training and access totechnologies, services and opportunities for a better economic future. This is done throughLivelihood training centres where we also provide placement support. Enterprise development looksat small and micro enterprise work with Cluster development work with farmers and artisan groups.

Prayatna’s livelihood development activities are focussed on people belonging to marginalised communities, with the objective of providing them with knowledge, training and access to technologies, services and opportunities. It is facilitating as well as developing skill development programmes with the aim to address poverty and illiteracy, giving the underprivileged individuals an opportunity to develop skillsets and monetize those skills which will enable them to lead a decent life ahead.

Prayatna also works with farmers who have small piece of land to support sustainable and climate resilient agricultural practices, besides that they also organise workshops and knowledge sessions to build awareness about institutional entitlements and government policies related to agriculture and farmers.

Prayatna has worked dedicatedly in the area of livelihood wherein, the organization has organized various training programs for the people to improve their life chances. Prayatna began its work in Bihar from where it extended to other states.

1. Retail Management course for Urban youth - is supported by Smile Foundation that has been working with a bifocal approach, for the sustainable development and economic upliftment of underprivileged youth. The programme aims to impart employability skills to the youth from marginalized communities and helps them to attain a basic quality of life and work towards a dignified future.

It equips the youth with basic computer skills (essential office applications) to make them technology friendly. The program educates the underprivileged urban youth on basic retail management to make them adaptable and employable in the retail industry. It helps build confidence and presentation skills by incorporating aspects of English speaking and Personality Development. Finally it promotes employment by identification and placement of these students in the respective corporate/ organizations

Activities under the project:

1. Computer classes
2. English speaking classes
3. Retail Management classes
4. Personality development classes
5. Financial Literacy classes
6. Monthly career counselling session
7. Employee Engagement Activities
8. Exposure Visits
9. Parents Teachers meeting
10. Important days celebrations

Until now Prayatna has trained 180 youths in 4 batches under this project out which 60% have been placed and are currently working at various organizations such as Karvy, Wave Mall, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s and more.

2. Skill Development Centre in Bihar- Prayatna is running a Livelihood Program for Women in collaboration with Nehru Yuva Kendra at Prayatna Office, Muzaffarpur, Bihar since 2003. In the year 2018-19 we provided stitching and knitting to 150 girls and women. This year the batch was inaugurated by Kumari Hena and chaired by Ms. Ahiliya Chaudhary (retired teacher). Ms. Ahiliya Chaudhary motivated the women by sensitizing them about the importance of skill development so that they could become more confident, efficient and financially independent. Since its inception over 250 young girls and woman are self-employed who are working from home with their sewing machines.

3. Entrepreneurship Training for Women: Prayatna, in partnership with America India Foundation conducted week long Business development training to 72 women in Rewari. The women were trained about basics of setting up a small business by ILO trainers. The whole idea was to enlarge skills among the young women so that they become enterprise ready and build their business.

4. Micro Enterprise Development- Prayatna is running Rural Livelihood program through Micro Enterprise development Develop with support of The Bank of Nova Scotia in Shikar Block, Dist. - Mirzapur, UP. We are developing village level entrepreneurs to ensure sustainable livelihood for migrant returnees and other vulnerable groups tapping into evidence based post Covid market needs in conjunction with government making optimum use of technology. The program aims to provide skill training, soft loans, market support etc. to Women Self Help Groups who will be assisted by migrant workers who will provide all the backward and forward linkages for their produce.

5. Transgender Skill Development Programme:

Trans people have always been a part of Indian culture since Manusmriti and have been very important characters of Indian scripts of Mahabharta and Ramayana, though they had to suffer a lot during colonial rule due to Victorian laws. After independence, while most Indians celebrated a life of dignity and equality, trans people were left on the margins of society, along with other members of LGBT community.

Prayatna is the first organisation in Delhi-NCR to run a skill development programme for Transgender community. When one asks a layman in India what they know about trans people, most of them only answer that they have seen them begging near traffic signals and inside trains. Some start complaining about their ‘bad’ behaviour.

Lack of access to education and non-availability of jobs often forces them to take to begging and prostitution. In order to develop the skills and provide trans community with job opportunities in formal sector, we are providing placement-based skill development training to 150 transgender in the domain of Tailoring and Beauty. After completion of the course, they will be assisted in placement and as well as setting up of enterprise.

6.Fitness Instructor Certification Programme funded by HCL Foundation: The program tries to bridge this gap through a structured international level fitness curriculum delivered in an actual gym. This is amalgamated with the right mix of soft skills like Basic English, Basic IT, Personality Development and Financial Literacy.

The course is certified by SEED- SPORTS EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT, the curriculum of the programme has been developed by RDA http://rda.asia/ in 2015 in collaboration with Australian experts. Apart from the fitness certification, the participants are also provided with certification on Personality Development, Spoken English, Basic IT Training by NIIT foundation and CPR certificate by a renowned organization. This combination helps the average gym instructor to become a personal trainer in a few months allowing the incomes to multiply manifold. Prayatna will be training 200 candidates in span of 15 months out which 60 will be female candidates.

7. Enterprise set up of SHG in Jaitpur Village, Greater Noida:

Praytana is working towards making a group of village women self sufficient and self sustainable in their skills. We have started with supporting 5 women who are well versed in making handmade gel candles, scented candles, paper bags and potli’s. Praytana’s focus has also been on rural and semi- rural areas in order set up enterprises in the communities itself and slow down the rate of migration to some extent.

8. Enterprise set up Dadri, Gautam Budha Nagar:

Prayatna has always worked on the lines of Gandhian values and beliefs. One of the most visionary saying of Mahatma Gandhi is ‘The Future of India Lies in its Villages’.

This saying holds true in today’s time when the India saw reverse migration during covid-19 and started to think of generating jobs for the labours in their own respective villages. Keeping in mind the Gandhian values, Prayatna is establishing a sustainable income method for 300 migrant workers and women in villages of Dadri Block, Gautam Budha Nagar. The model includes establish manufacturing units of casual clothing, embroidered clothing and jewelry.

9.Delivery Executive Training PROGRAM - 2 wheeler Driving Delivery Executives meant for QSR and e-commerce industry was running from 2019-20 in our Jahangirpuri centre with help of Social Venture Partners (SVP) and SMILE FOUNDATION. All the aspects from Personality Development to Basic IT were covered along with 2wheeler driving training. The participants are also supported with during the course of applying for driving license. 120 youth successfully completed the training under this project.

A.Essential soft skills:

• Personality development
• Financial Literacy
• Functional English
• Communication skills

B. Vocations certain vocations based on their interest and the Market:

• Beautician training
• Stitching