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Welcome to Prayatna. We are committed to empowering communities & bringing dignity to the most marginalised.

Prayatna is a non-profit organization that is bringing about a difference in society by relentlessly working towards improving the quality of life of the people living in rural and urban areas. Established in 2003, This Non-Profit venture, founded by Prabhat Kumar in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, It is currently led by Pratik Kumar, an ex-Civil Servant and a Former UN Staff, is working in the area of Healthcare, Education, Livelihood, Youth Management, promotes Sustainable practices and provides Emergency Relief.

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Over 139 million migrant workers from the countryside work in India's cities and towns. With factories and workplaces shut down, they were left with no livelihood. The lockdown has disrupted and threatens to trigger a food crisis. Seeing the plight of migrant labours, Prayatna is committed to support these people in the difficult times through distribution of cooked food, dry ration, reusable masks, AND soaps. In this regard, Prayatna has been working since the 1st week of April in Delhi-NCR, Bhubaneswar, Jharkhand, and Gujarat by providing the marginalized population with dry ration and cooked food. We are serving to 4000 families every day. Prayatna has also been able to provide more than 1000 PPE's to doctors, nurses and other covid19 warriors in Delhi. Prayatna distributed more than 6000 handmade masks & soaps to the people in Muzzafarpur. Alongside the distribution we also raised awareness among people on various aspects of the dealing with the virus like how to wash hands, importance of good hygiene habits, social distancing etc

What We Do


Facilitate formal education opportunities to help children learn better and longer.


Facilitate skill development and promote enterprise for improved livelihood opportunities.

Youth Development

Help children and youth realise their roles and responsibilities as they contribute positively to society.

Sustainable Development

Work to sensitize and demonstrate to the masses, eco-friendly methods, and practices.

Health Care

Work on awareness & improvement of healthy habits and access to services.

Emergency Relief

Provide immediate support and relief in times of distress as a humanitarian response.

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Youth Development


Sustainable Development


Emergency Relief

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Transparency certificate

We are proud to share that Prayatna has been awarded the GuideStar India Transparency Certificate which symbolizes our Transparency in the utilization of donations and funds GuideStar India certifies NGOs based on their level of transparency & public accountability after rigorous due diligence carried out by the team of certification experts. Due diligence is based on verifying financial and legal compliances consisting of thorough scrutiny of registration documents, tax returns, FCRA returns, audited financial statements & auditor's reports, public disclosures on our portal, reporting key facts to stakeholders as per our Annual Report disclosure template and confirmation of third party site visits and references. Read More